Privacy Policy

(Updated March 21, 2024)

User Data handling and usage

For each direct interaction with the bot, I collect and store a number of properties for the user and the output. This includes user and server IDs and names, language used, game and segment, etc. The full code for the database can be viewed here. Only I can ever access this data*, and is used as described below. This bot can never read any messages you send.

The way I use this data is for statistical, analytical, and quality purposes, as well as monitoring for any bad content that breaks the Terms of Service, such as harmful usernames or server names. It is also used in the data reporting page. I store basic user and server data for the purposes of being able to block users and servers from using the bot if they are found to be abusing the bot. I store the bot output (stats, image or text format) to continously improve the quality of the bot and to correct potential issues. No identifying information is ever shared with any parties.

User Locale, and how I use it

This bot has access to the language your Discord client currently is set to. It uses this language to publicly display stats and messages in your language**. If you don't want the bot to use your client language, you must specify a language yourself with the "language" option in the command.

Deleting your stats image***

After every stats output, you have 15 seconds to delete it by clicking the red "Delete" button. Since these images are ONLY hosted on Discord, this will remove the image completely****.
Delete Button

API information

This bot gets data from Battlefield Tracker and Community Network and does not alter the data received, and is not responsible for it.

If you do not want your stats to be visible, you can disable this. Info in the links below:
Battlefield 2042
Battlefield V/1

For Battlelog games, you can probably disable this on Battlelog or inside the respective games.

Viewing your usage statistics

To view your usage statistics, you can use the /usage command. This will show you the number of times you've used the bot, grouped by game. This is only visible to you unless specified otherwise.

Requesting data redaction

If you want your data (user ID and username) to be redacted in the private database, you need to reach out to me on Discord. My username is mozzy. Since I don't store any emails, emailing me does not work as verification. If you have your data redacted and then continue to use the bot, your data will once again be stored. Do not use the bot in this case.

Output identifiers

Each successful stats output this bot sends (after March 21, 2024) has a unique identifier. For images, in the top right corner. For embeds, in the footer. These identifers are randomly generated Nano IDs and can be used to look up non-identifiable metadata for that specific output in the API. You can perform a partial search in the API and it will return the first match.
This is an example using the identifier in the image below.Output identifer example


*Some non-identifiable information such as game, segment, language, output identifier, and # of stats sent is public. Visible in the APIs tab and here.
**Only displays your language if it's one of the supported ones.
***Not available in threads where the bot can't see the main channel.
****Unless the image was saved elsewhere.